Journey Through the Chakras with Kendall Beene and Matthew Jaidev Duplessie -

Friday, September 20 -

5:45 pm

Join New Yoga Now for this special yoga class designed to take you on an experiential journey through the seven major energy centers in the body. A fluid, educational yoga practice combined with a live curated sound journey of singing bowls, didgeridoo, drums, voice and more will introduce you to your chakras physically, intellectually, and intuitively. This class is appropriate for yogis who know nothing or everything about the chakra system. Revitalize your energetic body!

Friday, 9/20/2019
5:45-7:15 pm
$15 for NYN Members
$25 general admission

*NYN members include those holding an annual unlimited pass and those on monthly unlimited auto-renewing passes.



Hips & Hamstrings: 8/17, Shoulders: 9/14, Back and Core: 10/26

The NYN Mobility Workshop Series consists of three different workshops, each focusing on a targeted area of the body, to build strength in the stabilizing muscles to improve mobility. All of the techniques you learn can be easily applied in the yoga and movement classes you regularly attend.

Flexibility vs. Mobility

To understand the link between flexibility and mobility in yoga we must understand the difference.

Flexibility is the body's ability to, or not to, move passively into a posture, such as hanumanasana or full splits, with the help of gravity.

Mobility is the body's ability to engage and control stabilizing muscles to actively move in and out of a posture, such as standing splits, progressing towards the full range of motion.

Stiffness and tight muscles are often blamed on a lack of flexibility. However, this could potentially be caused by underlying weakness in the stabilizing muscles around the joints. Increasing just flexibility can create some pretty impressive Instagram shots, but is not much use in our day-to-day lives. Hyper-flexibility can even be a liability as moving deeply into our joints without control can leave our tendons and ligaments at risk.

During these workshops you will learn how to engage and strengthen stabilizing muscles around the joints to improve mobility and flexibility. The key to a safe, viable and lifelong yoga practice is increasing mobility not just flexibility.

$35 each or $90 for all three.

Click on links below to learn more about each workshop: