Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.

- Jason Crandell

Vinyasa 1:

Vinyasa 1: The perfect class for students who want to move more mindfully. This does not mean the class is easy! Vinyasa 1 flows at a natural breath pace, providing plenty of time to find your perfect home within each posture. Great for beginners and experienced students wishing to experience the full expression of the sequence.

Open to All Levels.

Practiced in a moderately warm room with a thoughtful playlist.

Vinyasa 2:

Vinyasa 2: This class moves at a slightly faster pace and will begin to push the edges of the vinyasa flow practice. Expect a strongly paced warm-up with fewer alignment cues, guidance into advanced/acrobatic postures and exciting transitions. We will also dive deeper to learn the more subtle practices of yoga including a variety of pranayama, meditation techniques. This class is ideal for those grounded in the basics and ready to learn more. As always, our teachers offer modifications for every Yogi.

Our most advanced vinyasa class - prior experience suggested.

Practiced at 90 degrees.


Beginner’s Series

Beginner’s Series: Our Beginner’s Series is a six-week series designed to introduce new practitioners to yoga. This is also a wonderful way to return to fundamentals of alignment, breath, and the language of yoga for students who may have jumped right into faster-paced classes- even years ago- without slowing down to get a strong foundation and yoga education.

Each week is build around a general theme. While the six classes can be seen as building on one another, you can jump in at any time. We have carefully designed the curriculum to be completed in any order.

Soulful Warrior

Soulful Warrior: In this class you will get a powerful, intelligent flow designed to develop functional strength and stamina. Expect powerful breath work, lots of stabilizing and grounding poses and inspiring strength challenges.

Open to all levels.

Practiced at 85 to 90 degrees with a motivating playlist.


Yin: Yin yoga is a practice designed to move past the muscle tissue and open connective tissue. Developed by more active practitioners seeking comfort in seated meditation, yin yoga works primarily with the connective tissue around the spine and lower body. NYN Yin is a traditional yin practice, practiced primarily on the floor and open to all levels (with modifications offered). Sequences are intentionally created around a theme, and postures are held from 2-5 minutes.

Yin is a more advanced style of yoga and is suggested for those experienced in yoga or other movement modalities that encourage body awareness.

Practiced in a cool room with ambient music.

Mindful Vinyasa:

Mindful Vinyasa: A special version of Vinyasa 1 specifically designed to tap into the mind-body connection and accentuate the more meditative aspects of the practice. This class moves at a slower pace with less time spent in down dog or on hands and knees, and with plenty of modification options to suit all bodies and levels.

Open to All Levels.

Practiced in a moderately warm room with ambient music.

Yin to Restore:

Yin to Restore: A more relaxing version of the NYN Yin class, this class uses every prop in the house to gently open the body and calm the mind. A perfect blend of Yin and restorative yoga. Expect to leave class feeling rested, restored and renewed.

Open to all Levels.

Practiced at a normal room temperature with ambient music.