It is not the joy that makes us grateful; it is the gratitude that makes us joyful.     

-david steindl-rost



What people are saying about New Yoga Now:

As a new student of Yoga, I was unsure about everything from breathing to postures and purpose. When I arrived at New Yoga Now all of the uncertainties where addressed both in regular classes as well as the beginners series. The foundational instruction allows me to practice with more confidence. I have loved being a new member of the New Yoga Now community and look forward to continued growth. Speaking of growth, I have regained almost of full inch of height, arriving back at my true full stature. What a joy!
Thank you New Yoga Now for creating a wonderful environment for progress.
— Carla
When I entered my 60’s I made the conscious decision to live my life at peak performance. I wanted to be the best version of myself mentally and physically. As I looked around at older people, I found myself recognizing yoga practitioners by their youthful suppleness, lithe posture, and confidence. Yoga was a bolt on discipline to cardio, weights and meditation. I searched Savannah for the doyenne of yoga and I found her in Kendall Beene. Kendall trains many of the yoga instructors in the Savannah area. She has a passionate following. I have been very fortunate to have her as my yogi for five years. She is truly extraordinary at teaching this disciple of uniting the mind and body. As she has said to me in the past, “Yoga is a massage from the inside out”. I can’t recommend her more highly.
— Greg Parker
For anyone thinking of physical fitness through Yoga, there is no better option than Erin. I am a past college athlete and admit to how intimidated and reluctant I was to enter into what I perceived as the unknown world of Yoga. Erin not only made me feel welcome, there was a noticeable gentleness and self confidence in her explanation that provided a clear and reassuring introduction to Yoga. Since that first experience I have not turned back from the best physical/mental fitness experience ever. Erin has become a truly respected friend and inspiration.
— Paul Belliveau
I have been a student of Erin’s in several different capacities… In the studio setting, a group setting and private lessons. She is very patient and does a wonderful job of imparting the spirit of yoga as well as tailoring the practice to meet specific needs. She keeps her classes challenging and fun at the same time!
— Joshi Clare
I am 63 and a five year yogi. My life is not perfect, but for one hour a day I play with my trainer/playmate Kendall Beene, and it seems perfect. Buy your life back. Even turn back the clock if you have the stamina. Kendall has the tools and love of yoga that she gently transmits to lucky people like me... and you?
— Helen Solomons