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Summer Schedule



8:30-9:30 Vinyasa 1

4:30-5:30 Yin to Restore


9:30-10:30 Vinyasa 1

12-1 Mindful Vinyasa

4-5 Soulful Warrior

6-7:15 Ashtanga-Inspired,Vinyasa 1


6-7 Vinyasa 1

8:30-9:45 Vinyasa 1

9:45-10 Meditation

12-1 Vinyasa 2 *Unheated

4:30-5:30 Beginners Series

6-7:15 Vinyasa 2


6-7 Vinyasa 2

8:30-9:45 Soulful Warrior

12-1 Vinyasa 1

6-7 Vinyasa 1


6-7 Vinyasa 1

8:30-9:45 Vinyasa 1

9:45-10 Meditation

12-1 Vinyasa 2 *Unheated

4-5:15 Yin

6-7:15 Vinyasa 2


6-7 Vinyasa 2

9:30-10:30 Vinyasa 2

12-1 Mindful Vinyasa

5:45-6:45 Community Yoga Jam


9-10:15 Vinyasa 2

11-12:15 Beginners Series


So Much To Learn This August!

NYN is hosting a variety of workshops over the next few weeks. Click Here to learn more!


“Kendall is extraordinary at teaching this discipline of uniting the mind and the body.”

-Greg Parker


We’re Honored to Meet You

Kendall and Erin connected over power yoga, a borrowed tuxedo, and a shared and much beloved hairdresser. After a few years of teaching yoga at different studios in Savannah, their paths crossed again after the St. Patrick’s Day parade and they discovered that they shared a passionate vision of yoga, happiness, and what the world is missing about both. Since then they have been sharing their crusade together with everyone who will listen! Together they formed New Yoga Now, offering retreats, workshops, classes and corporate wellness programs to help groups and individuals create lives of full expression through the experience of yoga. Their hOMe away from home found them when they were not looking, through magic and serendipity. As yoga teachers and practitioners, their mission is to create the space for the authentic experience of yoga to flourish and grow within.


“atha yoga anushasanam”

NOW begins the practice of yoga.


We Believe…

  • in yoga as a movement-based mindfulness practice.
  • that there is magic in the mundane and that yoga is simple.
  • that yoga is NOT a “one-size-fits-all” commodity.
  • that the body responds to the expectations of the mind- when used with love, this powerful truth creates transformation.

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  • that everyone needs a balance of yin and yang in life
  • that the physical exercise of yoga is just one part of the vast experience this ancient practice offers.
  • in giving real teachers the space to share this vast experience with you!
  • that the yoga room is a life classroom.
  • that happy is certainly the new healthy and yoga gives us tools to create lasting joy!

We are so delighted to share this journey with you!



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